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ID  21-W560
Registered  2010.11.23    Last Update  2021.03.19
Gene Name copine I Gene Symbol Cpne1
Chromosome 2 Genomic Location chr2:155,897,000-155,939,000
Synonyms KIAA0765, KIAA4108, mKIAA4108, 1810028N16Rik, SWAN, AI852903, MGC30712, MGC38279, mKIAA0765, 5730420G12Rik, 9430070C08Rik, Rbm12
Links UCSC Browser(chr2:155,897,000-155,939,000)
NCBI Entrez Gene(75710)
IGTC(Cpne1, 13180)
KEGG GENES(mmu:75710)
EST Profile(Mm.27660)
Other clone trapped this gene
Trap vector pU-21W Cell Line KTPU8 Method 5'-RACE
Accession AB601831 GSS Location chr2:155,929,085-155,937,696 Size 232
Links UCSC Browser(chr2:155,929,085-155,937,696)

Homology Search Results

[NM_029397] Mus musculus RNA binding motif protein 12 (Rbm12), transcript variant 1, mRNA.
[NM_170590] Mus musculus copine I (Cpne1), transcript variant 2, mRNA.

Mouse Information

Card ID 1914 Strain Name B6;CB-Cpne1Gt(pU-21W)560Card
Internal Code Ayu21-W560
Description This clone was isolated by using the exchangeable gene trap vector;pU-21W, and feeder free ES cell line; KTPU8 (F1 of B6 and CBA). Trap vector was inserted in the intron behind the common first and second exons of Rbm12 (RNA binding motif protein 12) and Cpne1. Mouse line has been established from this clone, and deposited to the CARD R-BASE.
[Paper] "Development of an efficient screening system to identify novel bone metabolism-related genes using the exchangeable gene trap mutagenesis mouse models."Syuji Kurogi, Tomohisa Sekimoto, Taro Funamoto, Tomomi Ota, Shihoko Nakamura, Takuya Nagai, Mai Nakahara, Kumiko Yoshinobu, Kimi Araki, Masatake Araki and Etsuo Chosa, Sci. Rep., 7, 40692 (2017). doi: 10.1038/srep40692. PubMed ID:28106071.
Links IMSR (for Cpne1)

Expression Information

Description X-gal staining was performed for detecting β-galactosidase reporter expression in a wide variety of adult tissues of each trap line.
Image Male Female

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