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ID  K7A06
Registered  2014.02.25    Last Update  2018.10.30
Gene Name erythrocyte membrane protein band 4.1 like 5 Gene Symbol Epb41l5
Chromosome 1 Genomic Location chr1:121,439,058-121,549,891
Synonyms Epb4.1l5, BE37, NBL5, Lulu1, AL022914, 1700030C16Rik, E230025E14Rik
Links UCSC Browser(chr1:121,439,058-121,549,891)
NCBI Entrez Gene(226352)
IGTC(Epb41l5, 469)
KEGG GENES(mmu:226352)
EST Profile(Mm.253156)
Other clone traped this gene
Trap vector pCMT-SAhygpA-NP21 Cell Line vdR2-4 Method Splinkerette PCR
Accession AG999751 GSS Location chr1:121,477,735-121,478,005 Size 271
Links UCSC Browser(chr1:121,477,735-121,478,005)

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Description This clone was isolated by using the gene trap vector pCMT-SAhygpA-NP21 and the ES cell line vdR2-4. Homozygous mutation was introduced at the vector insertion site by exploiting mitotic recombination induced with transient disruption of the Bloom’s syndrome gene. This double knock out ES cell line was established by Takeda Laboratory at Osaka University, and deposited to the EGTC. Please check Homozygous ES Cell Database. This sequence-tag is genomic sequence of 3'-flanking region obtained by Splinkerette PCR.
[Paper] "A homozygous mutant embryonic stem cell bank applicable for phenotype-driven genetic screening." Horie, K., Kokubu, C., Toshida, J., Akagi, K., Isotani, A., Oshitani, A., Yusa, K., Ikeda, R., Huang, Y., Bradley, A. and Takeda, J., Nature Methods, 8, 1071-1077 (2011). PubMed ID:22020066.
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