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"NSrp70 is a novel nuclear speckle-related protein that modulates alternative pre-mRNA splicing in vivo."
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"Defective development of the gall bladder and cystic duct in Lgr4- hypomorphic mice."
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"Basonuclin 2 has a function in the multiplication of embryonic craniofacial mesenchymal cells and is orthologous to disco proteins."
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"International Gene Trap Project: towards gene-driven saturation mutagenesis in mice."
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"Early pre-implantation lethality in mice carrying truncated mutation in the RNA polymerase 1-2 gene."
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"Establishment of germline-competent embryonic stem cell lines from the MSM/Ms strain."
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"Gene trap mutagenesis in mice: new perspectives and tools in cancer research."
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"LGR4 regulates the postnatal development and integrity of male reproductive tracts in mice."
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"Negative selection with the Diphtheria toxin A fragment gene improves frequency of Cre-mediated cassette exchange in ES cells."
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"Impaired expression of importin/karyopherin beta1 leads to
post-implantation lethality."
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"A novel murine gene, Sickle tail (Skt), linked to the Danforth's short tail (Sd) locus, is required for normal development of the intervertebral disc."
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"Characterization of an exchangeable gene trap using pU-17 carrying a stop codon-betageo cassette."
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"Increase of smooth muscle cell migration and of intimal hyperplasia in mice lacking the alpha/beta hydrolase domain containing 2 gene."
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"Serine-arginine-rich nuclear protein Luc7l regulates myogenesis in mice."
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"Generation and genetic modification of dendritic cells derived from mouse embryonic stem cells."
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"Site-directed integration of the cre gene mediated by Cre recombinase using a combination of mutant lox sites."
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"Mutant mice lacking Crk-II caused by the gene trap insertional mutagenesis: Crk-II is not essential for embryonic development."
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"Exchangeable gene trap using the Cre/mutated lox system."
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"Mice homozygous for a truncated form of CREB-binding protein exhibit defects in hematopoiesis and vasculo-angiogenesis."
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"Comparison of ES cell fate in sandwiched aggregates and co-cultured aggregates during blastocyst formation by monitored GFP expression."
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"Truncated CBP protein leads to classical Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome phenotypes in mice: implications for a dominant-negative mechanism."
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"Targeted integration of DNA using mutant lox sites in embryonic stem cells."
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"Efficiency of recombination by Cre transient expression in embryonic stem cells: comparison of various promoters."
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"Site-specific recombination of transgene in fertilized eggs by transiently expressed Cre recombinase."
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"An efficient gene-trap method using poly A trap vectors and characterization of gene-trap events."
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